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Asylum Jam: IT’S ON!

Edit: TELEGRAM is released! Check it out here.

Yes, it’s a WW1-themed Asylum Jam horror game! In the game you play as a Telegram Boy, sent to deliver an important telegram about a german spy roaming in the Allies’ forces. As you arrive to the British base you see it has been raided, bloddy and graffitied. Little did you know what you’ll find there…

For now I have finished the basic engine. I have a flashlight system, some animation, basic level design in mind and notes to leave around. I also want to make it as intelligent as possible, so no Jumpscares at all. That’s right, Challenge Accepted: No Jumpscares.

Why? I hate jumpscares. As Urban Dictionary puts it:

The jump scare is used by unimaginative filmmakers as a cheap method of frightening the audience.

It is very cheap IMO.

So, here’s some screenies of my engine and level design concepts.



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