Oh hi. I’m Alon.

If you’re new here, or wish to contact me, you might want to go here. Otherwise, enjoy going through most of everything I’ve ever published. Stalker.


Fort Triumph

Acted as content & level designer. A strategy game where kicking trees in a viable combat option.

One Tank in May

Based on a true myth.

Wolfenstache: The New Censorship

A satirical mini-game about a very silly case of censorship.

Ultra ADHD

A game about THINGS.

Portal Stories: Past Power (2012)

An early demo level for Portal Stories: Mel, a prominent Portal 2 mod.

No Pineapple Left Behind

Designed UI for this satirical game about the American school system.


First, as is customary, a demo reel.

Social Media Infograpics

Short informative videos for ICL’s social media accounts.

Polyphosphate Premium

A short promo regarding ICL’s new polyphosphate.

BF1 with Actual Footage

Semi-viral satire.

Kinetic Typography

Fan-made exercises in kinetic typography.

Other cool stuff that does not fit into the above categories.

Comedy Hackathon

An event that put comedians & developers together to create funny stuff.


An anarchic Hebrew font, for free and open use.

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