Oh hi. I’m Alon.

If you’re new here, or wish to contact me, you might want to go here. Otherwise, enjoy going through most of everything I’ve ever published. Stalker.


Fort Triumph

Content & level designer. A fantasy turn-based strategy games with an emphasis on environmental interaction.

One Tank in May

A slightly-documentary first person shooter. Based on a true myth.

Wolfenstache: The New Censorship

A satirical mini-game about a very silly case of censorship.

Ultra ADHD

A game about THINGS.

No Pineapple Left Behind

UI designer. A satirical game about the American school system.

Portal Stories: Past Power (2012)

Puzzle designer. A demo level for Portal Stories: Mel, a prominent Portal 2 mod.


First, as is customary, a demo reel.

Social Media Infographics

Short informative videos for ICL’s social media accounts.

Polyphosphate Premium

A short promo regarding ICL’s new polyphosphate.

BF1 with Actual Footage

Semi-viral satire.

Kinetic Typography

Fan-made exercises in kinetic typography.

Other cool stuff that does not fit into the above categories.


A cubic Hebrew font inspired by the work of Saul Bass, for free and open use.


An anarchic Hebrew font, for free and open use.

Comedy Hackathon

An event that put comedians & developers together to create funny stuff.