Comedy Hackathon

Responsibilities: Creator, Manager.

Collaborators: Anat Safran, Tross Marketing, WMN

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Comedy Hackathon was a non-profit technology event that took place between August 28-29, 2015, in the WMN Workspace. It brought designers, developers and entrepreneurs together with comedian mentors, with the single goal of creating funny apps, games, websites, etc in 36 hours.

About 250 people registered to attend the event, of which 100 were chosen to take part in it. Participants came from all age groups and occupations, from teenagers to high tech veterans. Comedian mentors were invited separately and included some of Israel’s most prolific TV and internet stars, such as Alon Neuman, Asaf Harel, Nice Guy Hochman and more.

The event was met with an extremely positive reaction from its participants, and even received coverage on Ha’aretz magazine. Since its conclusion, and due to the great demand for another Comedy Hackathon, I have tried time and time again to acquire the resources necessary to host another event. Unfortunately, currently that project is on hold.

Product Presentations: