Portal Stories: Past Power

A 2012 demo level for a fan-made Portal 2 mod, Portal Stories: Mel.

Responsibilities: Level/Puzzle Designer

Collaborators: The Portal Stories Mod Team

Development Time: Nov 2011 – Early 2012

(Requires Portal 2 to play)

For a short time during 2011-2012, I was part of the Portal Stories mod team as a level designer and video editor. Our first big level reveal/vertical slice demo, Past Power, is based on a map I built, including designing its puzzles and some of its environmental storytelling. Team members then added decals, additional geometry, atmosphere and props to make the space more believable.

A highly modified and reworked version of this map and puzzle still exists in the official, final release of the mod in 2015, which received extremely positive reactions from the gaming press and Portal 2 fans at large.