Ultra ADHD

A short adventure game about saving the world and killing God. Kinda.

Solo Independent Project

Development Time: August 2016 – October 2016.


Nonsensical, sometimes funny but constantly profane, Ultra ADHD is a short narrative-focused first person adventure game… or so it seems.

I developed the game independently over a period of about 2 months. During that time, it constantly changed its face: first a walking sim-esque horror game, then a Resi 4-inspired shooter, and finally, a jumbled mess of ideas, tangents, references, parodies, and somewhat forced attempts at humor.

(For more info about those weird changes, check out A Short History of Ultra ADHD’s Development)

Its premise and quirkiness landed it some accolades within the let’s play community, with reactions ranging from confusion to some calling it “the best game of 2016”. It also received coverage from sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun and even exhibited as part of Slamdance DIG 2017.

For its second anniversary on October 2018, the game was updated with, among other things, an all new additional ending and a revamped script.